Useful information

We arrive to your address on the day of your removal. It is important that you first show us the flat/house, so that we can assess the task to be done. It is even more important to know, that we can only stay with you in the timeframe you have entered in your booking. Please make sure we’ll have enough time to do the work. In case you have doubts, please contact us at:

You can lower the cost and time of your removal if you do some of the necessary things yourself, in advance. This may include wrapping and packing your stuff. Note however, that in case you buy insurance, - and your belongings were not packaged by our professionals, - the insurance will only reimburse partly.

In case you we did not deliver packing material to your address in advance, we will bring you the wrapping paper you ordered on the day of the removal.

If you didn’t order any, please make sure that: heavy books are packed in the smallest boxes, that
fragile and delicate objects are wrapped and safely separated from each other with paper,
that your clothes are properly folded and that suits, coats and jackets are possibly arranged in wardrobe boxes (you can buy these from us).

Extra costs can only occur if the details you entered in your booking are significantly different from reality. This is why we ask you to provide the most accurate information. Also always inform us if there is any change in your order.

If you also booked delivery, our colleagues will prepare a list of your boxes, which list is also the official transportation document of the move. This list contains all your boxes, pieces of furniture and belongings, each items identified with a number. Therefore, in case you packed your stuff, please make sure to number and make a list of your boxes and belongings. (Of course if you prefer, you can always choose us to do so.)

If we notice eventual damage, we will also record it on the list. We both will sign 3 copies of this document on the day of the removal when we take over your shipment. One copy stays with you, enabling you to receive your boxes and double-check if everything is intact and nothing is missing. If you ever notice a damage, you should make a remark on the list and turn to the insurance company for compensation if you purchased insurance, of course.

The van driver is also a professional mover, who will take part in wrapping, packing and loading. He is legally responsible for the emplacement and proper anchorage of the shipment as well as for the eventual problems occurring on the way.

We unload your belongings at destination. If you want, we can also unpack, unwrap your boxes and put your furnitures to their places. We can also remove the used boxes, paper and other material.

Please make sure you double-check on the list whether all your belongings have arrived in the same conditions. If you also booked unpacking, please make sure to record every eventual damages on time. Your notes should also be confirmed and signed by one of our colleagues. In case of damage, you can only get your insurance compensation with this document.

Once the work is done, we will say goodbye. We hope we are of help to you and that we’ll meet you again on your next removal.

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